Global Day of Prayer

May 14th has been designated as Global Day of Prayer. It is a time for everyone to stop and pray for our world, governments, and people. We at Signature will be observing our Global Day of Prayer on May 15th. Why? Because it was felt that we might get more folks involved since the 15th is a Friday and more people will be free to participate.

Our facility will be taking part in the Global day of prayer. We will have some guest speakers that morning who will join with us in prayer for our building, the workers, the leadership, and especially our residents. We will also pray for our government and the other governments in our world. This is a very special time for us and we ask that all of you will take the opportunity that morning to stop and pray.

We have a men’s prayer breakfast each month for the male residents in our facility to get together and pray for whatever is on their hearts. Nurses and C.N.A.s pray each day for the residents and each other. The leadership team prays for the needs of the day and for those who have special need. We do a lot of praying here, and often see the fruits of our prayers played out in the lives of our residents. So we know that prayer works and that God will bless those who ask.

I certainly hope that you will join us in prayer on the 15th of May. In fact, it would be wonderful if you could pray for us often. In that way we are guaranteed the blessings of God and you will be part of that blessing.