Revival Time

Residents at The Bridge recently had revival with local churches participating. Melodious Hymns from old filled the air and the presence of almighty God moved about those seeking spiritual renewal. Local Pastors preached power packed sermons like “Three little pigs” and “I believe we can take them”.

Chaplain Brian along side of his church opened the revival with a message “Revive us O’ Lord”  covering the purpose and continual commitment of revival.

Have you been revived?

The Department of Spirituality and Activities would like to thank the following Churches for their help in making this another positive and successful revival.

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Dedicated to God

There are many statues, monuments, and plaques that have been placed in honor of the works and heroism of men and women throughout the world. Some may be dedicated to the work of Science or of growth and development.

I believe where their heart was their life also followed. In our life with God it should be just that a heart that is passionate about God and His work… a life that follows. I am very happy to see this in the heart and lives of our stakeholders here at The Bridge at Rockwood.

May God continue to Bless You,

Pastor Brian Hines, D.O.S.

Global Day of Prayer

May 14th has been designated as Global Day of Prayer. It is a time for everyone to stop and pray for our world, governments, and people. We at Signature will be observing our Global Day of Prayer on May 15th. Why? Because it was felt that we might get more folks involved since the 15th is a Friday and more people will be free to participate.

Our facility will be taking part in the Global day of prayer. We will have some guest speakers that morning who will join with us in prayer for our building, the workers, the leadership, and especially our residents. We will also pray for our government and the other governments in our world. This is a very special time for us and we ask that all of you will take the opportunity that morning to stop and pray.

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